30+ years experience - specializing in the construction, building, architecture and environment sectors 


I began my career as one of the three original founders of CHMM Inc. CHMM Inc. launched Hazardous Materials Management magazine (now HazMat Management) in 1989 which quickly became Canada's leading publication for pollution prevention and control. In 1996, Solid Waste & Recycling magazine was launched and also became the leading Canadian publication on collection, hauling, processing and disposal. In 1999, we sold the business to Business Information Group in Toronto. 


In February 2003, I started Falcon Ridge Group Inc. The business has evolved over the past few years, from specializing in contracting services to the event management industry and now further evolving to sales/marketing projects for entrepreneurial businesses that may not have the cash flow or desire to hire a full time marketing person to the payroll. 


From 2005 through 2019, I was the long time consulting show manager for Waste & Recycling Expo Canada. This is Messe Frankfurt's only trade show in Canada. In the beginning of 2016, I also took on the added responsibility as Canada's representative for the environmental shows that Messe Frankfurt produces in Asia including Eco Expo Asia in Hong Kong.


In January 2016, I entered the online world of publishing. I bought Construction Links Network from the original founder and have re-branded the business. With thousands of website visitors, 20,000+ social media followers and over 12,000 weekly e-mail subscribers, the Construction Links Network brand is now the "go to website" for the construction, building and design community. 


Over the years of owning / managing trade publications, industry websites and trade shows, many of my clients expressed their frustration when it came to marketing. Most of the money spent was not spent wisely and much of the decision-making process was made on a whim. This is why I am now offering my experience to work with you and ease that frustration.


YOU are passionate about YOUR business and need to focus YOUR energy on the day-to-day management that is so critical for success.


I am looking forward to helping YOU achieve that success!