B2B marketing tips & links - April 20, 2020

I hope everyone is hanging in there and staying healthy during the COVID-19 crisis. Hard to believe that we are entering our sixth week of "staying at home" in the effort to flatten the pandemic curve.


Below is a summary with links to some marketing blogs I have read over the past week. My goal is to provide regular updates such as this moving forward. Notifications will be posted on my Twitter feed as well as my personal LinkedIn feed and my new Falcon Ridge Group LinkedIn page - make sure to follow this page.



How to Create a Website Layout Block by Block


There are many tutorials based on graphic design, and how to play with the elements to create the perfect design. Similarly, creating a website also requires an understanding of certain universal elements a website has. Designing a website requires a sense of visualization and hierarchy to best put these elements in a way that suits the purpose and looks appealing to the end-users. Often, this process can feel quite overwhelming. However, if you make use of the block by block website layout technique, it can be pretty simple.


How to Promote Your Business on Instagram During a Crisis


During a crisis, people tend to flock to social media for information, connection and entertainment. Facebook and Instagram saw a 40% increase in usage during COVID-19 as users tuned into live events, shared updates and supported one another with memes and content. Your customers are paying attention to your social media channels, but that doesn’t mean you should continue posting “business as usual” updates. Here’s how to use Instagram to communicate in times of crisis.


YouTube’s Video Builder Tool Eases Entry Into Video for Small and Mid-sized Businesses


YouTube released a free tool recently that will lessen the burden on small and mid-sized businesses looking to incorporate high-quality video into their marketing strategies. Video Builder enables SMBs to animate static images such as photos, text and logos with music from YouTube’s library. Businesses can select a layout depending on their messages and goals, and they can also customize colors and fonts, eventually generating short YouTube videos (six seconds or 15 seconds).


This Online Course Can Help You Launch Your Own Podcast


This 39-hour bundle includes nine courses from top-rated instructors like award-winning business school professor Chris Haroun and professional audio engineer Tomas George. You'll learn the entire podcasting process, from gathering the right equipment to ideation to actually producing your podcast episodes.


Content Marketing Trends for 2020: Statistics and Expert Opinion


The network has a lot of content, more than users have time to consume. Partly because it is being created by independent authors and media, as well as brands. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C companies include content marketing in their strategies. Their competitors, who have not yet mastered this method of promotion, plan to rectify the situation in the near future. This means that there will be more content.


Why you need digital PR in your SEO strategy


When people think of PR, they’re used to thinking about features in the local paper or their favourite glossy magazine. But these days, most people have had to shift their gaze towards digital PR - featuring in online publications with often higher readerships and better ways of tracking how much of an impact your hard work has had.


How to Master Marketing During A Health Pandemic — Think Safety, Sensitivity & Local Service


While companies are relying on digital communications to connect with customers, experts say it has never been more important than now to strike a balance between promoting the business and empathizing with consumers, who could be financially challenged by the economic downturn or have shifted into protection mode.


Transform Your Lead Generation Channels to Get Ready Post-Covid19 World with 9 Simple Ways


History has proven that major global events that have negative worldwide effects can indeed result in significant behavioral changes thereafter. COVID-19 is not an exception and with the “stay at home” policy, digital marketing is staring at an amazing window of opportunity during and post the coronavirus crisis. 


The 8 Best Analytics Tools You Should Add to Your Marketing Strategy


Making decisions that are driven by data is the key to successful marketing. When you’re running a business of any size, selecting the right marketing analytics tools for your needs, carefully measuring the data that you collect and using it to optimize your marketing efforts will make all the difference between struggling to reach your marketing goals or blowing them out of the water.


3 Tips For Taking a Great LinkedIn Profile Picture (& 1 Thing You Should Avoid)


Don’t get us wrong: Your LinkedIn profile picture that was snapped at a happy hour in 2009 (with the red eye edited out, of course) is cute, but it might not be *the* photo that helps you land the big job. Which is why we’ve culled together a handful of do’s—plus one big don’t—for snapping a better and more professional LinkedIn headshot.



Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay healthy and safe!


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